The Obamanator


Flying high at Boeing

My spirits soared when the President visited Boeing to talk up American manufacturing.

Like a lot of his supporters, I had been feeling discouraged after the ups and downs of his first three years in office.

I wanted him to fight harder for a more sweeping health care plan, not the hodgepodge of warmed-over, Republican-inspired policies that eventually passed. The President hasn’t been the crusader for civil liberties that I was looking for. Shockingly, after all those soaring 2008 campaign speeches, he hasn’t managed to communicate his administration’s achievements very effectively.

Most of all, the economy has been so utterly abysmal that it’s been hard to imagine him winning again, no matter how uninspired, hypocritical and goofy his opponents. The fact that the Republicans made the mess and are campaigning to restore the very policies that created it doesn’t matter — presidents just don’t win reelection when the economy reeks like this stinker.

But then the President made his grand entrance at the cavernous Boeing plant, emerging from a sparkling new 787 Dreamliner and walking down stairs draped in red carpet.

He gave a cogent, uplifting talk that captured that old 2008 magic.

If I’d known at the time that I’d be starting this blog, I would have shot some video. Instead, you’ll have to settle for this brief and inadequate synopsis:

We don’t give up when times are tough. We work together. We innovate. 

He proposed a bunch of policies that would support American manufacturing. He rattled off some statistics that showed the economy getting stronger.

He waved his fist in the air. He pointed for emphasis. And he flashed his million-dollar smile.

He delivered his message with Reaganesque optimism and good cheer. All the while, he managed to portray the Republican field as a bunch of doomsaying whiners, each of them utterly devoid of charisma.

I’d like to pause here and apologize to my bosses at the Obama campaign, who have instructed me to avoid criticism of Republicans.