The Obamanator


I used to be an objective journalist

After 30 years of newspaper work, it feels strange to jump into the political fray. I’ve always had strong opinions, but for three decades, I was paid to hide them. I did my best to be fair and balanced, as the Fox News guys like to say, and I’m sure I did a better job of it than Sean Hannity and his lunkhead colleagues. 

This blog should obliterate whatever minuscule chance I had of finding another job in the dying newspaper industry. I’m forever tainted.

It’s not easy to say goodbye to your career. Mine took me on a lot of adventures and made me a lot of impeccably objective friends. It was a good ride.

Now, at 52, I’m forced to reinvent myself. What a nightmare.

My wife keeps asking me to find a job. Instead, I’m volunteering for Obama, writing this blog, and buying groceries. I also serve as chauffeur to our two adolescent kids.